Sex is a natural and enjoyable part of life, and should be treated as such. From the get-go, we decided that our sensual products should be sold only in places where we feel all vulva owners are respected!We have 1 criteria for everything related to the brand: we have to feel comfortable showing ourselves.We only work with first-class suppliers with the strictest safety and quality standards to bring you premium and 100% body-safe products.

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About is a leading ecommerce retail distributor of adult novelty products, including sex toys ranging from discreet and portable vibrators to the more modern, high-tech male sex toys, lingerie and everything in between. Msluvstore is located and orders are shipped from CA , Nevada with offices in China as well.

Quality Crafted with the highest quality, 100% body-safe premium materials. Each msluvstore product is a true labor of love.


Everything we do is inspired by the bbs, for the bbs. msluvs does not exist without its amazing community.


We believe that sex should be fun, empowering, and 100% shame-free. We are all deserving of pleasure.


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From day one, we have focused on providing the best customer service and value for the consumer. By lowering operating costs, we are able to extend the best prices to our customers. Our secure website ensures a worry-free online shopping experience in our web store.

With sales across North America, to get the product delivered to the consumer in record time - and at the lowest cost, while keeping the customer informed of their order status every step along the way via email.

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